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Intensive Driving Course

At BRITZ Driving school we offer a week long intensive course consisting of a lesson each day. This course is typically preferred prior to a test or for those wanting to begin driving as soon as possible. Our instructors are able to accommodate for these needs provided that this course be booked a month in advance. This intensive driving course can decrease the time taken to become test ready and allow you to develop safe driving habits in a comfortable environment.

What happens in this intensive driving course
The general lessons structure is the same with the difference being the time taken to progress onto the next stage. Taking this course ensures that drivers remain comfortable with driving between lessons and remember the information that is provided to them within it. These intensive driving courses are offered for both manual and automatic cars.


Prior to taking your first driving lesson is important to be prepared by doing the following:

  • Decide on whether you wish to take automatic or manual lessons
  • Bring your provisional license to the lesson so your instructor will be able to let you begin driving.
  • Wear appropriate footwear that is comfortable and has a flat sole allowing for better driving control.
  • Bring glasses and any other necessary items with you to your lesson

The lesson will start by your instructor taking you to a quiet road in an area near you to give you the space you need to establish a foundation of safe driving. The basics of driving and standard procedures will be outlined by your instructor and an explanation given on the importance of each.

The car is fitted with dual controls which allows the instructor to use the pedals when necessary or for demonstration. It ensures that as a learner, you are provided with the most stability and help if needed. It also gives you time to become familiar with the driving process without additional pressure, but it is an important reminder that dual control is only in place to supplement the learners control and it is not in place for the instructor to control the driving experience.