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Mon-Fri: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
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Fast Pass

If you need a licence fast, the Fast Pass course could be your route to salvation. This is the intensive driving course for new drivers who urgently need a licence for work, or who have a couple of weeks free (student holiday, annual leave, temporary lay-off etc).

From zero to test in 36 hours. Intensive driving tuition for complete beginners

We’ll help you pack in as much learning as you can handle. If you want to move faster or slower, we can work around your needs and ambitions. If there are some days you can’t make, we work that in too.

Theory Test First

You can’t take your practical driving test if you’ve not passed your theory test.

That’s why there’s no point starting an intensive driving course if you haven’t yet passed your theory test. Get your theory test out of the way, and you’re free to race ahead at your own pace.

The lesson will start by your instructor taking you to a quiet road in an area near you to give you the space you need to establish a foundation of safe driving. The basics of driving and standard procedures will be outlined by your instructor and an explanation given on the importance of each.

The car is fitted with dual controls which allows the instructor to use the pedals when necessary or for demonstration. It ensures that as a learner, you are provided with the most stability and help if needed. It also gives you time to become familiar with the driving process without additional pressure, but it is an important reminder that dual control is only in place to supplement the learners control and it is not in place for the instructor to control the driving experience.